Lizy to Burwell - 2007

French Twinning weekend - 24-27 August 2007  - From Martyn & Hilary Foreman, Burwell. 

 "A very delightful family came to stay with us.  They were the Delahayes - Sandrine, Christophe and their children Romane and Lucie.
 Being a total novice to this, I (Martyn) met them with complete apprehension on the Friday afternoon, having volunteered our home after hearing of a request for help from our French teacher, Gwen Martin.  We thought it would be an excellent way to progress our very basic French language skills.
 I am pleased to say the weekend started positively.  They were charming, shy, and Sandrine spoke very broken English but better than my French, and off we went.
 As Hilary was still at work, I had to bring them home and settle them into their accommodation and, I am pleased to say, Gwen came around and we ironed out the little necessaries such as dietary and rules of the house, basically none, the main rule being -make this your own for the weekend.
 That evening went very well.  Their day had been a long one and after settling the children down, they too soon followed.
 Saturday, we left them to it with the visit to Burghley House, which they enjoyed very much, and our picnic hamper was just right it seems, a little mixture of French and English cuisine and a Frisbee for the children.
 Before the evening meal, I took them for a walk around the church and into Mandeville up to the cricket pitch.  Fortunately, Burwell were playing at home and they got their first introduction to the 'English Game'.  I, of course, tried to explain the rules and even keeping it basic decided to stop explaining and opted to cry "Time for dinner".
 In the evening a friend from French classes came to dinner - a Scottish lass - and we all had a very enjoyable evening, everyone helping the other to understand.
 Sunday - and our turn to take them out and about, watching the weather and what it is going to do with options running through our thoughts all the time.  To start the day we took them down to Wicken Fen, primarily to walk the dog, but it is such a nice place right here in the back yard, show them the edge of the Fens I thought.  The highland cattle and the ponies were enjoyed by all, the dog and his antics chasing out pheasants pleased them too.
 On into Cambridge, parked up at Jesus Green, and had a picnic lunch and play with the Frisbee and the dog.  Walked on through and took a punt out from Quayside.  The weather was glorious, the river was busy but my old schoolboy skills took us up the river without problems.  At the Millpond Christophe took over the pole and what a natural, we went straight back again while others were zig-zagging along!
 From there we walked into the centre  and had a coffee, beers and iced tea in the café on the corner of the market square, very French, and then back home to get ready for the evening bash [Ceilidh supper].
 For this, another of our friends from French classes came over.  We arrived a bit late as we took time to have pictures taken in the back garden, but when we arrived everyone enjoyed themselves very much, even me and my two left feet got to the dance floor. Monday, of course, was going home time and we all had a very enjoyable weekend and made new friends, who we are going to see again when we go to Paris for a weekend before Christmas.  It would seem we probably have made some new long-term friends - I hope so and I hope too that we can offer them the comfort of our home again."


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