2006 - 10th Anniversary Celebrations in Burwell

Lizy and Burwell twinners celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the founding of the combined twinning associations in Burwell.
 Friday, 28th April saw the arrival of our French visitors from Lizy-sur- Ourcq to be greeted with the usual delight that is shared by friends meeting. Another Twinning weekend had begun. This visit was a special one as it marked the 10th anniversary of the formation of our Twinning links and at a brief reception our visitors were welcomed by Mick Scarff, Chairman of Burwell Parish Council at the time, and John Bowyer, founder of BVTA, who had returned to Burwell from Sussex for the occasion. The Friday evening was spent in hosts' homes, relaxing after the long journey and either catching up on news, in the case of old friends, or getting to know each other, in the case of new visitors. 

Saturday saw a reasonably early start for a day trip to Norwich and the many interesting places it has to offer. The highlight was of course the beautiful cathedral where visitors enjoyed a guided tour. The weather was good, despite forecasts and some folk enjoyed hearty picnics in the shelter of the castle walls.

 The Saturday evening saw us all enjoying a Ceilidh and buffet supper.
There was as much enjoyment to be had from watching the dancing as from taking part.


                                                                  Dancers at the Ceilidh having a great time


Sunday was spent once again with hosts, exploring places closer to home. 
Sunday evening we all met again, this time at the
Village College for a  formal celebration followed by more music and dancing.


Peter Heath, Mick Scarff, Françoise Verlaguet,  John Bowyer and Hazel Williams

 Lizy present Burwell with Lily-of-the-Valley plants      
  From left to right - Sophie Rowell, Françoise Verlaguet, John Bowyer, Denise Judicis and Hazel Williams


Speeches and reminiscences came from Françoise Verlaguet, president of the Lizy-sur-Ourcq/Mary-sur-Marne/Ocquerre Twinning Committee, Hazel Williams, original signatory to the Twinning Charter and president of the Burwell Twinning Committee, and Mick Scarff, Burwell Parish Council Chairman at the time.

Formalities were followed by superb musical entertainment by the Swaffham Bulbeck Amateur Operatic group singing selections from their Gilbert and Sullivan repertoire. Jacky, from the Lizy visitors, also entertained us on his accordion.  The 'Herb Birds', (Katty Heath & Tee Dymond) ended the evening by providing covers of popular music for dancing.



  The "Herb Birds" - Katty Heath and Tee Dymond

Jacky entertains with his  accordion



 Audience participation and appreciation

           The celebration cake created by Wendy Jefferson of Burwell


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