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Burwell Village Twinning Association (BVTA) was established in 1996, and is open to all residents of Burwell and surrounding villages if you they wish to participate.
There is no official membership, just a database of people who would like to be contacted regularly about  BVTA visits and events. So do contact us if you would like to be included on the BVTA database. 

Burwell is twinned with the French village of Lizy-sur-Ourcq, (Seine et Marne).
Through the joint signing of a Friendship pact (1996), we now have a formal link with this village, together with the two small hamlets of Mary-sur-Marne and Ocquerre.

So what does this mean in reality?
Every other year there are exchange visits to Lizy.
The visits usually take place over a long weekend and you stay, as guests, in the homes of our French hosts.
In the alternate years, parties from Lizy come over and stay with families in Burwell.
Although an ability to speak French could be useful, it is not essential and some of our French visitors can speak some English. Communication is not really a problem and many lasting friendships have developed during the last few years, through the twinning exchanges
There are also links between various sports, arts, music and children's groups.
During 2006, BVTA celebrated the 10th Anniversary of the Burwell Village Twinning with Lizy-sur-Ourcq.
See the “Visits to Burwell from Lizy”  and “Visits to Lizy from Burwell” pages for more details and information about how we celebrated the occasion. 



  • Lizy-sur-Ourcq

    Some information about Lizy-sur-Ourcq.  -
    Situated in the Champagne and Brie making region of France, Lizy-sur-Ourcq is situated approximately 60 km east of Paris and within easy reach of -
    Versailles, Epernay, Reims, Château-Thierry, Provins, Meaux, Châlons-en-Champagne, Senlis, Fontainebleau, Vaux-le-Vicomte, and Euro-Disney is also near by.The combined population of Lizy-sur-Ourcq, and the neighbouring hamlets of Mary-sur-Marne and Ocquerre, is  about 4,400.
    The rural area around Lizy-sur-Ourcq is similar to that of Burwell, and corn, maize and sugar beet are grown locally. 

Lizy-sur-Ourcq - Location Map


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